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Ticket UUID: e717ed1de5594ee9cd4f72d9bdff79e904847dc3
Title: Decode JS fails to convert entire encoded text
Status: Fixed Type: Code_Defect
Severity: Important Priority: Immediate
Subsystem: Tag matching Resolution: Fixed
Last Modified: 2017-09-01 19:23:33
Version Found In: v1.0.0
User Comments:
anonymous added on 2017-09-01 11:18:36:
When a Decode JS function is called from a menu with one or several lines of encoded text highlighted, only part of the highlighted text is decoded. 
Example 1.
Sample line (without quotation marks):
"access.breakin=\u041d\u0435\u043b\u0435\u0433\u0430\u043b\u044c\u043d\u043e\u0435 \u0432\u0442\u043e\u0440\u0436\u0435\u043d\u0438\u0435"
is decoded to
"access.breakin=Нелегальное вторже\u043d\u0438\u0435"
Example 2.
Sample lines (without quotation marks):
"access.breakin=\u041d\u0435\u043b\u0435\u0433\u0430\u043b\u044c\u043d\u043e\u0435 \u0432\u0442\u043e\u0440\u0436\u0435\u043d\u0438\u0435"
"access.close=\u0414\u0432\u0435\u0440\u044c (\u0432\u043e\u0440\u043e\u0442\u0430) \u0437\u0430\u043a\u0440\u044b\u0442\u0430"
are decoded to:
"access.breakin=Нелегальное вторжение"
"access.close=Дверь (ворота) з\u0430\u043a\u0440\u044b\u0442\u0430"

It is possible to make the plugin decode all required text by adding extra irrelevant characters after meaningful part, but this is not too convenient. Some users may not be able to find this workaround.

tinus added on 2017-09-01 19:23:09:
That's a bug, all right.

I've fixed it in commit [3aad6bc43c], and will try to release a new version on Sunday.