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As of 2020-05-10, I've decided to no longer spend time updating this plugin.


Robert DiPardo has taken over development of this plugin. See his announcement over at the Notepad++ Community, the plugin's new repository over at Bitbucket, or its mirror on Github.


It's been quite a while since I did any significant work on it. Here's a few reasons for that:

  1. No time. There's many reasons for this, not least my children. Life goes on.
  2. It was written in Delphi. At work, we've moved away from Delphi (to C# and other languages). For me, this means it takes more time to get into this plugin's code. Also, I haven't installed Delphi on my latest laptop.
  3. I don't use Notepad++ as often. For many scenarios, other software such as Visual Studio Code or Notepad3 have become my go-to editors. Better looking, cross-platform; and Notepad++ has had a few breaking changes that made upgrading a pain. I do still use it occasionally, but not for any serious web development.

What now?

As long as the plugin works, it works. But if something in a future version of Notepad++ changes, it may not work in those versions.

Source code

If you've got a copy of Delphi handy, feel free to download the source code and play with it.