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Check-ins with non-propagating tags:

09:48 v1.3.1.0 Leaf check-in: fb02a79e74 user: Martijn tags: publish, v1.3.1.0
09:44 Release of v1.3.1.0 check-in: 4159519e53 user: Martijn tags: trunk, release, src-
13:45 Oops... Forgot to include the units used to run an external process, and capture its output. Leaf check-in: a62f4ed133 user: Martijn tags: release, v1.3, src-v1.3.0.0
12:55 v1.3.0.0 check-in: 088b31f9e1 user: Martijn tags: publish, v1.3.0.0
12:52 Release of v1.3.0.0 check-in: 20be4f1b46 user: Martijn tags: release, v1.3, src-
21:44 Version v1.2.1.0 check-in: 0583210e3d user: Martijn tags: publish, v1.2.1.0
21:42 Release of v1.2.1.0 check-in: a9b6dbe5b5 user: Martijn tags: release, v1.2.1.0, v1.2
15:54 Version v1.2.0.0 check-in: 01d512dd5c user: Martijn tags: publish, v1.2.0.0
15:43 Release of v1.2.0.0. Added handling of SCN_MODIFIED event, and added a timer which triggers a refresh [20d1203257]. Commented out some remnants of the custom filtering code. Added code to remove scroll positions of files that have been closed [cfc74baf4b]. check-in: e58749fea7 user: Martijn tags: release, v1.2.0.0, v1.2
14:04 Version v1.1.1.0 check-in: b7b16c6e54 user: MCO tags: publish, v1.1.1.0
13:06 Bugfix: when the current browser emulation key could not be read, an exception was raised and not handled. Added exception handling to the GetBrowserEmulation function, and also to the initialization section of U_Npp_PreviewHTML. Finally, check for presence of Npp variable in plugin interface functions. check-in: ea59061b4b user: MCO tags: trunk, release, v1.1.1.0, bugfix, v1.1
18:14 Version v1.1.0.0 check-in: c6fb700ba1 user: Martijn tags: publish, v1.1.0.0
18:12 Release of v1.1.0.0. check-in: 370c446a5f user: Martijn tags: trunk, v1.1.0.0, release, v1.1
08:52 Version check-in: 950e9950d1 user: MCO tags: publish, v1.0.0.4
19:37 Center the About-window over the Notepad++ window. Added a URL to the plugin's site. check-in: deb5588cbf user: Martijn tags: trunk, release