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Artifact ID: 7b459153c0e7b9ed85e053e68c16212c931b7516
Page Name:TODO
Date: 2019-03-01 08:48:50
Original User: MCO
Parent: e215a29e1148c1deee4dfaa636de11948e4fc061 (diff)
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Add Toggl support

  • API key in ini file
  • Workspace ID in ini file (or autodetect if the given API key has only one workspace?)
  • Fetch today’s first activity; use that as start time (https://toggl.com/reports/api/v2/details?user_agent={authorEmail}&workspace_id={workspaceID}&order_desc=off&since={since:yyyy-MM-dd}&until={until:yyyy-MM-dd})
  • On Friday, fetch all hours since Monday, cumulate these, subtract from the required weekly hours, and add that to today’s start time + pause time to get the suggested end time, capped at 9 hours maximum. If the suggested end time lies before today’s start time, just use the default end time.

Additions to .ini:

    API key=...
    Workspace ID=...
    First day of week=<0..6 = Sunday..Saturday; defaults to 1 = Monday>
    Last day of week=<0..6 = Sunday..Saturday; defaults to 5 = Friday>
    Hours required=36

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