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ScriptHostZAAP is a ZAAP, a ZTreeWin Assistant Application Program, 
which provides a way to execute any Windows Active Script language 
(VBScript and JScript by default, ActivePerl, ActivePython if 
installed) in reaction to changes or commands in ZTreeWin.

* Extract the contents of the distribution zip to a directory anywhere 
  on your computer.
* Run the executable.  If you get errors, verify that you have the 
  dependencies listed below installed correctly.

This program requires the following components to be present (and registered) on the computer:
* Ian Binnie's ZBarCOM library, see the following pages:
* Microsoft's Windows Script Control

* Run ZTreeWin using the /ZB command-line switch;
* Run ScriptHostZAAP.exe (you can run it before or after ZTreeWin, 
  it'll connect to it whenever it sees it);
* You'll see the contents of the zbar.dat change as you navigate in 
* Within ZTreeWin, you can now evaluate script code in Assist mode:
  - either highlight a file (or directory), and press Y;
  - or tag one or more files, and press Ctrl-Y;
  - in the prompt, type 'seval <language> <code>', e.g.:
    seval jscript > 10
	  will cause the file(s) with a filename longer than 10 to be 
	seval vbscript File.DateLastModified > (Date() - 7)
	  will cause files, modified since seven days ago, to be tagged.
Writing scripts:
* Place your script files in the .\Scripts directory below the one 
  where the ScriptHostZAAP.exe resides.
* Each script file should have the appropriate extension for its 
  language; so .vbs for a VBScript file, or .js for a JScript file.
* If you've made changes to a script file, press [F5] to reload all 

* A script gets executed in three ways:
  - Any code that runs in the 'main' section (usually, outside of any 
    function) will be executed when the script is loaded.
  - If a function with the name 'onUpdate' is present, it will be run
	whenever ZTreeWin publishes a new pamphlet in zbar.dat (this will 
	usually be whenever the user navigates in ZTreeWin, or executes a 
  - If a function with the name 'onAssist' is present, it will be 
    called whenever the user runs an Assist command (Y or Ctrl-Y):
	- if the function returns true, then the file will be tagged;
	- if the function returns false, then the file will be untagged;
	- if the function returns null, then ZTreeWin will wait for another
	  script to respond.

  See also the sample script RegExp.js provided with this distribution.