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Version * Rewrite of the internal structure, so all ‘preview engines’ can be enabled and disabled separately. * Each engine now has its own window (internally), so most Windows Preview Handlers now work correctly. * Added UI buttons to manually choose an engine and renderer to preview the current file with. * Added button to open the current file’s properties window. * Multiple WLX plugins can now be loaded at will (though they’re not automatically reload on startup). * Both info windows are less translucent. * Added status bar to show the current file’s icon, the currently selected renderer, and some basic info about the current file. * The File Info window now always displays the current file’s attributes * For reparse points (junctions, symbolic links, etc.) the target file name is also displayed * Added the following preview engines: - Text (rich text, plain text) - Shell Item Images (thumbnail, file’s icon) Leaf check-in: 8fd52881fd user: tinus tags: zpreview, zpreview-
Version * Simplified the toolbar; * Added buttons for Full Screen, Stay on Top and loading of a WLX plugin. * GIF files are now animated (if they contain animations). * Improved handling of errors. * The 'Image Info' window was renamed to File Info; it can now also show (very summary) information about files when not using FreeImage. * More Windows Preview handlers are now detected and used (ticket [36202cb36a]). * When `zbar.dat` can not be found automatically, look explicitly in `%APPDATA%\ZTreeWin`; failing that, ask the user (ticket [ed86fb95ef]). check-in: 01a6525da6 user: tinus tags: zpreview, zpreview-
Added a unit by Rodrigo Ruiz, which would (appear to) make implementing [43105b8e25] a breeze. Also included the sample code (can be removed once implemented). check-in: a5c36639a1 user: tinus tags: feature/windows-preview-host, tkt-43105b8e25
Version Prototype (more like a proof of concept); not very stable yet. check-in: 6fdc661391 user: tinus tags: zpreview, zpreview-