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Here are direct links to the latest version of our projects source code:

See also the Synopse repository on GitHub.

Trunk/Unstable Version

The now deprecated "stable" version (1.17) is currently outdated, and some issues are probably already fixed.
Before asking for support about a possible bug or a missing feature, you should better retrieve the latest trunk/unstable version directly from our source code repository.
Regression tests are run before any commit, so it is safe to use the 1.18 trunk revision, even if it is named "unstable" - it is in fact more stable than the main 1.17 version! :)

You can get a daily snapshot of the repository directly from
Note that you will also need the SQLite3 .obj files from sqlite3obj.7z, since they are not part of this package.
Please follow the installation instructions available in the documentation.

As alternative, consult the Get the source article to retrieve the latest version, either from our private Fossil server, or its mirror repository on GitHub.

Synopse mORMot framework documentation

A class API just doesn't cut it.

The mORMot framework has a great documentation available online.
It defines general architecture and design principles of the framework, tutorials, how-to, together with a detailed description of every unit, class, type, method or property available.

The corresponding Synopse mORMot Framework SAD 1.18.pdf document is also available.
But the online version is much smaller, and easier to work with than this 2200+ pages pdf.

This documentation was generated using our SynProject tool, from a GPL source document.
The "1.17 documentation", somewhat deprected but including all specifications, can be downloaded as a single .zip archive.

See this forum post for feedbacks.
Any help is welcome to improve the framework documentation, which is Open Sourced and versioned, just like the rest of our code.


Most of this source code is available under a disjunctive tri-license giving you the choice of one of the three following sets of free software/open source licensing terms:

This allows the use of our code in as wide a variety of software projects as possible, while still maintaining copyleft on code we wrote.
See this page for further information.