Some useful tools

This repository contains a few command-line tools I wrote in a hurry, and might be useful to others.

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Outputs the final path of the given file or folder name, i.e. all junctions and symlinks are resolved. See the MSDN article on GetFinalPathNameByHandle for more details.

Download here (55.3 KB)


Reports whether the workstation is locked, or waits for the given status. See its help output for more info:

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Reads a text file using the specified character set, and writes it using a different character set. Useful for converting old DOS era plain text files to the modern age (i.e. UTF-8). :-)

Converts a text file from one code page to another
ConvertCharset [/r=<codepage>] infile /w=<codepage> [outfile] [/b]

infile         The file containing the text to convert. Use a hyphen to read from stdin.
outfile        The file to write the converted text to. If omitted, the output is
               written to infile. Use a hyphen to write to stdout.
/r=<codepage>  The character set or code page of infile. If omitted, the system's
               default (ANSI) character set is assumed.
/w=<codepage>  The character set or code page to convert the text to.

For <codepage>, you can either use a code page number, or a charset name as supported
by the system.

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