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Change freeze (CSS), save position/size preview window

(1) By NPPP_Guy on 2020-04-21 11:37:11

Hello Martijn,

many thanks for that plug-in and all your efforts. First wishes/suggestions/questions:
1. When I edit in Notepad++ an CSS-file, the HTML-file should still be shown.
   Something like freeze, but the refresh button should still work for the last active HTML-file.
2. I'm not sure but is it possible that Notepad++ loses its focus when the HTML preview
   is refreshed? At least sometimes? Then I miss the cursor in Notepad++. Version 7.8.5, 32 bit.
3. Great would be when the current size and position of the HTML preview window is saved
   depending on the HTML-file name.

Many thanks and greetings

(3) By tinus on 2020-04-21 19:56:15 and edited on 2020-04-22 19:16:42 [link] in reply to 1

You’re welcome, Udo!

Unfortunately, I'm having trouble finding the time to work on this plugin -- not least because the IE engine which it uses is becoming more and more out of date, and I haven’t seen any way of using the new Edge Chromium's engine using similar interfaces. Also, this plugin is written in Delphi, which I don't use on a regular basis anymore. And lastly, I don't use Notepad++ all that often anymore either.

It looks like some of your wishes have been recorded previously by others:

  1. Don't preview documents that have no preview available
  2. That's possible; the IE component does some weird stuff with focus, which I had to work around in previous versions of Notepad++. I don't use Notepad++ very often these days, and have not kept up-to-date with the latest versions; maybe they've changed something. I'll need to check that out.
  3. You mean save the position for each file after closing Notepad++? Otherwise it should work already.