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Installation of the plugin failed
User & Date: tinus 2019-02-08 10:25:41

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    Notepad++ has changed the way it loads plugins, since version 7.6.
    It changed a bit between 7.6.0 and 7.6.3, but seems to have settled on this:
    New Plugins Home (Round 2)

    Basically, the plugin should now be installed in $(NPP_INST_DIR)\plugins\<dll_name>\<dll_name>.dll.
    As for the filter.ini file, just use the menu item "Preview HTML / Edit filter definitions" to open it, and then check its full path.


    • $(NPP_INST_DIR) is where you're running notepad++.exe from;
    • <dll_name> is the name of the plugin’s DLL (npp_preview in this case).

    I still haven’t tested this though (still on an older version of Np++ for other reasons), so please let me know if you got it to work.

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