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Title: Is the code under a license?
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Last Modified: 2024-05-29 00:14:49
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anonymous added on 2024-05-29 00:14:49:
I checked [the GitHub mirror]( as well and did not find a license file. The only mention of any kind of license is in [the borrowed source files]( from Damjan Cvetko's [dbgpPlugin](

Given how copyleft licensing works, I would assume the entire project is under the dbgpPlugin license as it's ["based on"]( the dbgpPlugin code; in other words:

> Linking a GPL covered work statically or dynamically with other modules is making a combined work based on the GPL covered work. Thus, the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License cover the whole combination.
> <>

But that may not be what you intended; e.g., maybe the original code is under a different license, one that's ["compatible" with the GPL](

It would be great if you could be more specific. Forking a project with no explicit license is O.K. as far as GitHub's [terms of service]( are considered. But changing the code or publishing a new version under a different author is technically illegal in jurisdictions that recognize the Berne Convention, unless there's a public license granting those permissions.