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To install the Preview plugin, you can go about it in the following ways:

  1. Using the Plugin Admin (since Notepad++ version 7.6)
  2. Using the Plugin Manager (older versions of Notepad++)
  3. Manually

If you run into trouble, don't hesitate to ask the friendly folk at the Notepad++ community for help. They might answer more quickly than me...

Using the Plugin Admin

While the Preview plugin is now listed in the Plugin Admin as of Notepad++ version 7.6.6, that has a bug which causes the download to fail without any error message. I’ve submitted a workaround, but that won't be implemented before version 7.6.7.

For now, the only way is (still) to install it manually.

Using the Plugin Manager

Only the 32-bits version of the Preview plugin is listed in the old Plugin Manager. At the time of writing, it lists an old version of the Preview plugin, too; I've submitted the newer version, but I don't know how long it will take before it is accepted.

In any case, if you're using an older version of Notepad++ with the Plugin Manager, open the Plugin Manager, search for "Preview HTML", check the box next to it, click the "Install" button and follow any instructions given.

Manual installation

  1. Check if you've got a 64-bits version of Notepad++, or a 32-bits version.
  2. Download the relevant latest version of the plugin:
  3. Extract the zip file to the plugins directory:
    • For Notepad++ versions 7.6.0 and up, the DLL should end up in $(PLUGINSDIR)\PreviewHTML. If you just extract the files into the plugins folder, they should end up in the right folder.
    • For Notepad++ version before 7.6, the DLL should be directly in $(PLUGINSDIR); this means that if you extract the files into the plugins directory, you'll probably have to move the files from the $(PLUGINSDIR)\PreviewHTML folder back up to the $(PLUGINSDIR) itself.
  4. Restart Notepad++. No other setup should be necessary.

Note about $(PLUGINSDIR)

  • For Notepad++ version 7.6.3 and higher, the plugins directory can be found via the menu 'Plugins > Open Plugins Folder...'
  • If you're using Notepad++ 7.6.0 through 7.6.2, please update to 7.6.4 and see the previous line.
  • In older versions of Notepad++, the plugins directory can be located at %AppData%\Notepad++\plugins, or just below the directory containing notepad++.exe, e.g. C:\Program Files\Notepad++\plugins.

To find out where your %AppData% is located, just paste (or type) it into the address bar of Windows’ File Explorer:


Next steps

See How to use.