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About this project

This is my first attempt at creating a GUI shell for Fossil, primarily for use in a Windows environment (but I’d much prefer if it was easy to use on other platforms as well).

To this end, my first hunch was to try and write it in FreePascal, using Lazarus (since I’m a Delphi developer in my daily life). However, Lazarus has too many problems still to be really a viable option; so I decided to port the code I had so far to Delphi. This offered better options (and was less buggy), so I decided to concentrate on the Windows version first. I think that Linux developers will be more at home with the command line anyway. :-)

I will try to keep the code 'behind the UI' cross-platform compatible, so I can always try to make a separate UI for other platforms, using Lazarus.

The name

This project was named after Stylemys nebrascensis. Guess why?


The latest source code can always be downloaded from this site. Mind you, there's no guarantee that that code will even compile! I will usually try to make sure that it does, though.

I will update this page when there's a downloadable product, so come back in a few months time...

Have fun!

-- Martijn Coppoolse, May 2011