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How to use this plugin

First of all, the plugin needs to be installed.

Supported language

The plugin only shows a preview for supported languages, such as HTML and XML, otherwise it’ll just say "(No preview available)". You can change the "Language Mode" for every document in Notepad++'s Language menu.

You can add support for other languages to the plugin by defining filters.

Open the preview window

To preview a document, you can either press the preview icon icon on the toolbar, or use the menu item Plugins / Preview HTML / Preview HTML, or the associated shortcut key. The preview now ought to appear in a window.


If the preview window does open, but doesn’t show an actual preview, try hitting the Refresh button. Otherwise, try docking/undocking the window to make the contents appear. I’ve heard some people have had trouble with that.

Docking/undocking the preview window

The preview is shown in a so-called ToolWindow. This means it can be ‘docked’ inside the Notepad++ window, or dragged out as a separate window. The easiest way to switch between docked and undocked, is by double-clicking the preview window's title bar. You can also drag and drop the window by its title bar; the window can be docked near the bottom of Notepad++’s main window, on the left, or on the right side.